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Douglas Murphy: Monument to what? /// Methodologies of Valorization, 17th November 2011

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The composition played during this lecture recording's opening credits is entitled "London 2012 - Fanfare for Orchestra" and was written by Daniel Robinson @ --------------------------------------------------- Douglas Murphy Monument to what? 17.11.2011 18:00, net.culture club mama, Preradovićeva 18, Zagreb In the centre of the 2012 London Olympic site, a remarkable construction is nearing completion. The 'ArcelorMittalOrbit' is a 114.5m high piece of public sculpture; a twisting tower and viewing platform designed to be a dramatic centrepiece of the Olympic Games. Its conception has brought together a politician, an industrialist, an engineer and an artist in holy alliance to realise this most involute of monuments. But what does it mean? Through discussion of its circumstantial history and the networks of power and capital that have led to it being built, its avowed meanings and their significance, its historical resonances and its relationship to other significant structures as well as its relationship to technik, this paper will argue that the 'ArcelorMittalOrbit' is an artifact which perfectly embodies a current crisis in the expression of cultural & political values by spatial means. Douglas Murphy is an architect & a writer living in London. He studied at the Glasgow School of Art and the Royal College of Art. His weblog Entschwindet und Vergeht covers architecture, music, politics and philosophy. He is architecture correspondent for Icon Magazine. The Architecture of Failure(zerobooks) is his first book. The methodologies of valorisation is one of this year's Centre for Drama Art's main programs. It consists of a series of lectures dedicated to theoretical and historical investigation of relations between criteria and methods of valorisation in the artistic field and in the broader political and economic sphere. We will deal with the articulations of differences, coincidences, conditionalities, shortcuts, ideological juxtapositions and historical and geographical specificities. Supported by: City of Zagreb Office for Culture, Education and Sport; Ministry of Culture, Republic of Croatia; IPA 2009 Programme -- Civil Society Facility. Thanks to the Multimedia Institute and net.culture club mama moderated by: Marko Kostanić