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Staff Picks

Documentary Video Of Largest Granite Samadhi Buddha Statue At Monaragala Temple

4y ago


The largest samadi statue(67.5 feet) at Monaragala viharaya, Rambodagalla . Eight centuries after the haughty historic creations of the statues of Galvihara Polonnaruwa, another sinhala hero is leading the way today to regenerate the last historic pride of our past. The person who shoulder this Herculean task of regenerating the down trodden splendor glory and magnificence of the nation, is a Venerable Sinhala Buddhist monk. He is Ven. Egodamulla Amaramoli Threro, the chief incumbent of Vidyasagara Priven Vihara, Monaragala, Rambodagalla, Rideegama, Kurunegala, who is also a Master Graduate. Ven. Amaramoli Thero is shouldering the gigantic task of carving the Samadhi Buddha Statue 67.5 feet high, utilizing a massive rock situated in the temple Premises, Once the carving is Completed it will go down in the history as the largest rock carved. Buddha Statue in, Sri, Lanka.