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Doctor Dreadful Organ Grinder

2y ago


THE NEW DOCTOR DREADFUL IS OUT! GET IT NOW! The Doctor Dreadful Organ Grinder Playset lets you crank up deliciously juicy organs with the all new terrifying Organ Grinder! Now you can eat every goo-filled Zombie Organ you create! Each tasty organ comes crawling with tasty bugs and includes a syringe for injecting delicious goo. Create the most disturbingly appetizing Zombie Organs with the Organ Grinder playset from Dr. Dreadful! • Looks Gross --- Tastes Great! • Eat Everything you Make! • Crank up Juicy Organs! • Create Slimy Bugs Inject, Operate and Enjoy! Dr. Dreadful Organ Grinder Playset Includes: 1 Organ Grinder Set 2 Molds 3 Pouches of Food Get it now at Target, WalMart, Toys R Us, and online!