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Doctor Dreadful Organ Grinder

4y ago


Check out my NEW "Official Doctor Dreadful" Facebook page and "Like" it at: The Doctor Dreadful Organ Grinder Playset lets you crank up deliciously juicy organs with the all new terrifying Organ Grinder! Now you can eat every goo-filled Zombie Organ you create! Each tasty organ comes crawling with tasty bugs and includes a syringe for injecting delicious goo. Create the most disturbingly appetizing Zombie Organs with the Organ Grinder playset from Dr. Dreadful! • Looks Gross --- Tastes Great! • Eat Everything you Make! • Crank up Juicy Organs! • Create Slimy Bugs Inject, Operate and Enjoy! Dr. Dreadful Organ Grinder Playset Includes: 1 Organ Grinder Set 2 Molds 3 Pouches of Food Get it now at Target, WalMart, Toys R Us, and online!