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Do not look back -- May 23, 2012

4y ago


Do not look back -- May 23, 2012 My children, you are in a time when anything can happen, things can change, never to be the same again and some of you will have to prepare to be able to move at My time as My Spirit guides and leads you during this time. I will not abandon My beloved children. I will never leave nor forsake you but you must obey and follow Me every step of the way. I am in control, I know the road ahead of you and what is yet to come your way. You will never be in darkness if you stay in My Light. These are serious times, you must take heed and yield totally to My Spirit. If you hear My Spirit say to you move you must move, if you hear turn to the left you turn to the left, if you hear turn to the right you turn to the right and you do not hesitate, if you hear stop, you stop. Now is the time that you must obey My Spirit one hundred percent or it might be dangerous or even fatal. The enemy is seeking to destroy, do not fall prey to him through being disobedient. I will warn you beforehand what is yet to come, but you must seek Me, listen and obey Me and stay focused on Me. Obedience is life, disobedience will cause death. My children, do not trust anyone but Me and fear no one but Me. The enemy can appear as an angel of light, take heed to My warnings now before it might be too late. I warn because I know the wiles of the enemy and he is out there to seek to destroy as many as he can, do not be one of them. Listen and obey My Holy Spirit and you will be safe under My protection. I keep watch over My own, My eyes are on you all the time. Do not look back. I go ahead of you to show you the way and to make the crooked places straight, to open new doors for you but you must be willing to obey and follow Me every step of the way. Do not take a chance in this time, it is not worth it. Evil will increase because many love darkness more than Light because their deeds are evil. Stay vigilant, pray without ceasing and listen to My Spirit. My children, that is why I warn you all the time that you must hear My voice for yourself because you must hear My voice to be able to follow Me. You must hear from Me first, get your guidance only from Me. Do not rely on others but on My Spirit only. My Spirit will not fail you and will be with you all the time, all the way to guide and to lead you in all that you have to do. Do not look back, leave the past behind and move with My Spirit wherever that will be, My will be done. Surrender to Me, let Me be in full control. I lead because I know the way and what is ahead of you. Take one day at a time, obey and follow Me every step of the way, by keeping your focus on Me. Trust Me and do not look back.