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son dam bi

son dam bi

[ DL] SISTAR 씨스타_Loving U_Music Video HD

2y ago


本影片只作敎學之用途,請尊重正版! This video just for teaching purposes,Please respect the Legal copy! All rights reserved @ starshipTV 版權所有者 為 starshipTV 씨스타 Summer Special Album _ Loving U SISTAR 夏季特別專輯_「Loving U」 Download this song on mediafire : Download this album on mediafire : 在 mediafire 裡下載此歌 : 在 mediafire 裡下載此專輯 : _____________________________________________________ 씨스타 Summer Special Album _ Loving U_Music Video #SISTAR 夏季特別專輯_「Loving U」音樂視頻 _____________________________________________________ SISTAR _LOVING U ℗ STARSHIP ENTERTAINMNET #SISTAR _愛著你/愛上你 ℗ STARSHIP ENTERTAINMNET _____________________________________________________ Album Title : SISTAR Summer Special Album Title Song : LOVING U Release : 06.28.2012 #專輯名稱 : SISTAR 夏季特別專輯 主打歌 : 愛著你/愛上你(LOVING U) 發佈日期 : 06.28.2012 Track List(歌曲清單) 01. Loving U 02. Holiday 03 Push Push_ DJ Rubato Remix 04. 나혼자(Alone)_ Smells Remix 05. Ma Boy_ Smells Remix 06. 니까짓게(How dare you)_ Demicat Remix 07. So Cool _ DJ Rubato Remix _____________________________________________________ SISTAR is back and ready to heat up the summer with their Summer Special Album, 'LOVING U'! Debuting in 2010 with 'Push Push', the group caught and maintained the public attention with the following singles, 'Ma boy (SISTAR19)', 'How dare you', 'SO COOL', and finally ranked No.1 with their 1st Mini Album 'Alone'. The girls' new track, 'Loving U', shows off the sexy and cute charm of the girls with the combinations of acoustics and synths. Produced by Duble Sidekick (Double Sidekick), the album contains SISTAR's new tracks 'Loving U' and 'Holiday' and also their top hit tracks that have been reborn with collaborating with Korea's representative electronic music label, Foundation Records. Utilizing visuals such as 'marine looks' and 'vacance looks' in bright summer colors, the girls are going to shed their original image and go for something cuter and brighter. The entire video was shot in Hawaii by JOO Heesun, the top music video director who worked for Son Dam Bi's 'Crazy', Afterschool's 'Bang', and SISTAR's 'Alone'. #SISTAR已回歸了和帶著夏季特別專輯「Loving U」準備為這個夏天熱起來! 在2010年首次亮相的「Push Push」,在下列單曲女孩們抓住和保持了公眾的注意力,「Ma boy」(SISTAR19),「How dare you」,「SO COOL」,和最終他們排名第一的第一張迷你專輯「Alone」。 女孩們的新曲目「Loving U」,展示了女孩的性感和可愛的魅力跟聲學和合成器的組合。 由Duble Sidekick (Double Sidekick)製作,這張專輯包含SISTAR的新曲目「Loving U」和「Holiday」,同時他們頂級火辣的曲目已經脫胎換骨, 和跟韓國有代表性的電子音樂品牌合作,基金唱片(Foundation Records)。 採用視覺效果,如「海洋外觀」和「假期外觀」都會在明亮的夏天的色彩,女孩們正在擺脫她們的原始形像和去追尋一些可愛和光明的形像。 整個視頻都由JOO Heesun在夏威夷拍攝的,那個視頻導演已幫孫淡妃(Son Dam Bi)的「Crazy」, 放學後(Afterschool)的「Bang」, and SISTAR「Alone」工作過了。 _____________________________________________________ More Info: = Google+ SISTAR : # : 為中文翻譯~