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Some Awesome People That I Used To Know | MeTheOne

4y ago


People are awesome, yes. And they have a name, are from somewhere and they are building their community of fans on social networks. Wanna know more about ? Read below. Cause you feel curious. Music: "Somebody That I Used To Know" Walk Off The Earth Cover of Gotye ft. Kimbra Talents in order of appearance: Kyle Chin ---------------------------------- Longboarder from Los Angeles, USA Kilian Martin ---------------------------------- Skater from Madrid, Spain Jeremy Flores ---------------------------------- Surfer from Capbreton, France Juggler Senjyu ---------------------------------- Juggler from Fukisawa, Japan Nick Provost ---------------------------------- Traceur from Ottawa, Canada World Order ---------------------------------- Dancers from Tokyo, Japan Bruno Hoffman ---------------------------------- BMX rider from Siegen, Germany Tom Schaar ---------------------------------- Skater from Malibu, USA Marquese Scott "Nonstop" ---------------------------------- Dubstep dancer from Inglewood, USA Gary Hunt ---------------------------------- Cliff diver from Southampton, UK Jason Park ---------------------------------- Skater from Kaneohe (Hawaii), USA Alexander Lenzi (LENZI, not lezi, ooops!) ---------------------------------- Jet ski freestyler from Piçarras | Jaraguá do Sul, Brazil Bboy Toyz ---------------------------------- Bboy from College Park, USA Jed Mildon ---------------------------------- BMX rider from Taupo, New Zealand Ofek Shilton ---------------------------------- Diabolo juggler from Israel Gisela Pulido ---------------------------------- Kitesurfer from Barcelona, Spain Nicolas Müller ---------------------------------- Snowboarder from Aarau, Switzerland Nicolas Saint-Jean ---------------------------------- Flair Bartender from Paris, France Planet Earth Animation by artymarty73 More info about MeTheOne Project -------------------------------------------------------------------- MeTheOne is a global initiative launched by a young group of "sexy and we know it" devtrepreneurs from Donostia, Basque Country (Spain). Our talent scout community has discovered more than 1000 talents from 75 countries. We classificate the talents by discipline, and associate them with their videos and social profiles, so they don't become just an "amazing talent CHECK HIM OUT!!!", but care about their visibility and fan community construction. You can check them out on: Likes, follows, shares, feedbacks, suggestions and friendships are welcome.