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Dinosaurs!! Symphony of Science - The World of the Dinosaurs

4y ago


mp3: A musical celebration of dinosaurs! "The World of the Dinosaurs" is the 14th installment in the Symphony of Science series; it investigates their habits, extinction, and how we learn about them. Featuring Alice Roberts, Bill Nye, Nigel Marvin, Dallas Campbell and more. Materials used in the creation of this video are from: Dinosaurs Alive BBC "How to Build a Dinosaur" BBC "Extinct: A Horizon Guide to Dinosaurs" Bill Nye - Dinosaurs Prehistoric Park Discovery Channel "Last Day of the Dinosaurs" Jurassic Park Jack Horner's 2011 TED Talk Special thanks to everybody who's donated to keep the project alive and to those who helped track down the materials used in this video. Lyrics: [Dr. Alice Roberts] How can we start to come close to animals that lived hundreds of millions of years ago? Dinosaurs [Jack Horner] Dinosaurs [Bill Nye] Dinosaurs Di-Di-Dinosaurs [Dallas Campbell] Dinosaurs weren't just giant lizards But a truly unique kind of reptile [Narrator 1] Dinosaurs roamed For more than 150 million years Dinosaurs roamed In amazing shapes and sizes Very few left evidence of their existence And those bones never cease to fascinate us [Roberts] The more we find The more complete our understanding Utterly awe-inspiring The world of the dinosaurs [Campbell] There are always new discoveries out there Waiting to be found [Narrator 2] Tyrannosaurus, the largest flesh eater The world has ever seen Dinosaurs - all the dinosaurs- Followed a well trod trail to oblivion [Narrator 1] Rock layers span the age of dinosaurs The deeper the layer, the older the rock At the top - rock from the Cretaceous Below that, the Jurassic And near the bottom, red Triassic badlands When dinosaurs first appeared (refrain) (dino breakdown) [Nye] 65 million years ago [Nigel Marvin] A meteorite smashed into the Earth [Nye] Hurtling toward our planet At a hundred thousand kilometers a second [Roberts] If we'd never found their bones, We wouldn't ever have known These ancient animals ever existed (refrain)