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Diesel / Fresh & Bright: the Art of Color / Directed by Ben&Julia / Full Campaign

4y ago


Experience it online here : BEN&JULIA STUDIO has created and recorded in pictures 3 Art installations for DIESEL “Fresh&Bright” man underwear online campaign. Handling the project from Production, Art Direction and Direction, Ben&Julia Studio have created a modern entity through 3 aesthetical and quirky films, a “Clin d’œil” to the contemporary Art video scene and Dada symbolism. "The Art of Color" comes out from the brilliant minds of SUPERHEROES AMSTERDAM, we had a lot of fun during this colorful collaboration, Enjoy ! Full credits: Client: Diesel Agency: SuperHeroes Amsterdam Creative director: Rogier Vijverberg Film production : Ben&Julia Studio Film direction & Art: Ben&Julia Concept: Gareth Broadbent, Silje Lian, Rogier Vijverberg Copywriter: Gareth Broadbent Art direction: Ben&Julia Studio, Silje Lian Design: Nando Pawirodikromo Motion graphics & motion design: David Schagerstrom, Fred Huergo Producers: Severien Jansen, Django Weisz Blanchetta Technical: Chris Noble-Partridge, Michael Vestergaard, Magic Bullet Studio Director of photography : Sten Mende Camera assistant : Phillip Wölke Gaffer : Brian Apteiker Talent: Eric Morzaluk Hair & Make up Artist: Cécilia Bourgueil Make up assistant: Florian Dattinger PA: Caroline Menges & David Huckert Studio: Almost Berlin