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james king

james king

Die tote Stadt (Part 15) - James King and Karan Armstrong

4y ago


Part 15 of Erich Wolfgang Korngold's 1920 German opera. What you're viewing now is the end of Act III and the conclusion of the opera, when Paul (James King) tells his friend Frank (William Murray) he will never again see Marietta (Karen Armstrong)—his dream of love has been destroyed forever. Frank asks Paul to go with him and he agrees to leave Bruges, "the dead city." However, this 1983 German TV production alters the original ending, in which Paul simply closes the curtains and slowly leaves his home to start his life anew in the outside world. In this production, Paul decides to commit suicide so he can meet his deceased wife Marie again sooner. Whether this modified ending is a good or bad decision by the director, Brian Large, is up to the viewer to decide.