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A Di-rect message to space!

4y ago


Di-rect is a rock band from The Hague, The Netherlands, which was formed in 1999. The current line-up consists of Jamie Westland (drums), Frans 'Spike' van Zoest (guitars), Bas van Wageningen (bass), Vince van Reeken (keyboards) and Marcel Veenendaal (lead vocals). Through ESA's web site, the band heard that ESA was calling for the public to suggest music for his playlist, and for musicians to dedicate or write songs for André during his six-month PromISSe mission to the International Space Station. The band selected one of their songs that they thought André would like and was appropriate for his mission, the title track from their latest album, 'Time Will Heal our Senses'. Here Di-rect send their message and dedicate their song to André. More information at: Video copyright ESA/Di-rect Time Will Heal our Senses written by Di-rect Music excerpts, courtesy Di-rect/Dino Music Video produced by ESA/J. Makinen