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rock trio

rock trio

Devils Creek - Bullfrog Blues (2007) Full Album - British Blues Rock Trio

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Tracklisting - 1. Seven Days (Rory Gallagher) 2. The Family Song (Rosewall) 3. Dead Man Walking (Rosewall) 4. Poor Boy (Rosewall) 5. Messing With The Kid (Rory Gallagher) 6. Shadow City (Rosewall) 7. Fire And Rain (James Taylor) 8. Hear Me Calling (Alvin Lee) 9. Demolition Man (Dave Hole) DEVILS CREEK High octane rocking blues - a solid testament to the enduring power and influence of Blues Rock - especially the variety in which a wailing Fender Stratocaster comes front and centre. Inspired by the classic guitar-driven blues rock of the late 60's and 70's, Cornish power trio Devils Creek are keeping alive the time honoured traditions first forged by greats such as Rory Gallagher, Ten Years After and Johnny Winter. Formed in 2006, and fronted by maverick guitarist/vocalist Guy Rosewall, the band features a crack rhythm section in bassist Tim Chapple and drummer Alan Ibbotson. The band have released four albums on their own label (Top of the Hill) The 2008 debut album "Bullfrog Blues" combined a classic approach with an attack favoured by heavy rock, particularly evident in the ultra heavy bass sound not normally heard in the genre. Featuring a hard driving electric version of Rory Gallagher's "Seven Days" which would surely make the late great Irish guitarist proud, the entire offering is a solid testament to the enduring power and influence of blues inflected rock. 2010 saw the release of the bands second album "Working the Chains". The album received a good deal of airplay, including Rick Wakeman's Planet Rock show. The band's album "th3rds" was released in 2011. "Live at the Proms" -- a live album recorded at the Acorn Theatre, Penzance was released in January 2012. The band has gigged solidly since 2006, and gigs included The Welsh International Bike Show, The Bideford Blues Festival, dates in Germany, as well as a multitude of pub/club gigs !!. Gigs for 2012 include the Abertillery Blues Festival. Review from 2008 - "Any regular reader of these pages will know that I'm partial to a bit of blues-rock. The last couple of years has seen Joe Bonamassa and Walter Trout rank highly in my year end favourites, whilst the likes of early Status Quo, ZZ Top, Gwyn Ashton and Rory Gallagher are regular listens guaranteed to please whatever my mood... so I'm kicking myself a bit for not picking up on this band a bit sooner! Devils Creek are a classic three piece blues-rock outfit, very much in the mould of the aforementioned Gallagher line-ups although herald not from Ireland but from Cornwall. Issued on bass-player Tim Chapple's own Cornish music promoting record label "Top Of The Hill" my first impression upon hearing "Bulldog Blues" (other than wondering where the title track disappeared to - but that's answered on their myspace page!) was this album has a similar structure to Bonamassa's "Sloe Gin". Not in style particularly, we'll come to that in a moment, but more in structure. Like "Sloe Gin" it's a mix of impressive original compositions, from the pen of lead singer/lead guitarist Guy Rosewall, accompanied by a number of well selected and certainly unusual and often superbly interpreted covers. Stylewise though it's that Irish genius Gallagher and most specifically that stomping brand of blues-rock he displayed so brilliantly through the 70s and 80s that forms the major template for the music. In fact it's a radical electric reworking of the acoustic "Defender" closing track "Seven Days" that opens the album. A fantastic re-imagining of the song so effective that it'll have you checking the lyrics just to confirm its the same thing. Following this a trio originals underscore the positive first impressions, with the powerful "Dead Man's Walking", and the amusingly acerbic lyrics of "Poor Boy" especially impressive. With another original, "Shadow City" interloping in a collection of covers on the latter half of the album it is instea...