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The Devil's Advocate

4y ago


This guy heard my wrath first hand today! The CITY did this to these homes NOT US- the people- the people he is writing citations out to so the city can tear them down in the name of a posh river front that they had planned before the flood. WHAT IS GOING ON HERE IS WRONG. IOWANS ARE TOO NICE-Well most of us! The city tore up homes by hiring contractors who didn't care about us or our heritage-literally laughing at our tears! I will not stand by and allow anyone to rip the souls from these historic homes in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. PEOPLE ARE BEING PAID MILLIONS while we ROT! THESE HOMES HAVEN'T BEEN PAID FOR and these people get called whiners! So we are supposed to just SHUT UP and TAKE OUR LOSSES while EVERYONE else REAPS FROM OUR DISASTER? F(&*^ YOU!