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naked city

naked city


4y ago


The Defenders The Iron Man PART 1 "The Iron Man" is an interesting look into the mindset of fair men whether conservative or traditional "Jeffersonian" liberal (apparently a dying breed today). However, during the era of John F. Kennedy, America still championed the concept of Free Speech for anyone. Today that concept has been narrowed down to whatever is deemed politically correct by the likes of of the NY Times , NPR or CNN or most apparently "idiot targeted" local TV news. "Liberal media bias" is rather tunnel visioned to a very narrow spectrum... the the buzz words "diverse" and "multi-cultural".... seem to be any other culture than our own or those derived from the great traditions and accomplishments of Western Europe over the last 5 centuries...(you know the folks who "invented" the Renaissance or nearly everything that runs on electricity... like your computer or the light bulb you might see with...notice, I excluded the descriptor "read with".).... instead the folks that "invented" top soil is hip. So, Aristotle is out and Eubonics is in, Christianity is out and the Dalai Lama is in... if you doubt it just ask any contemporary Hollywood star. But, I digress. The Defenders episode: "The Iron Man'. A radical college student preaches against constitutional democracy and in favor of a totalitarian form of government .... he endorses both Stalin and Hitler a shouting match...."they got things done," he exclaims. So, who knows he might have liked Castro, Chavez or Obama if they were in full dictatorial bloom during this 1961 episode. (Castro was still in his infancy as head of Cuba.). However, an elderly college professor comes to his defense (highly unlikely, today... in fact this might only happen in a Science Fiction film now). The Professor hires an attorney E.G. Marshall to defend him. Both are true champions of free speech... they quote Voltaire: "I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death, your right to say it!" This was at the heart of fair minded people for many centuries but now is greatly out of fashion with the new liberal mindset (or is that mind lock ? ... or mind meld ?... (calling Mr. Spock). In any case, that is the set-up of the plot.... you are on your own from here. ====================== Information about "The Defenders" 1961-1965. Recent law school graduate (Robert Reed) joins his father (E.G. Marshall) as they tackle challenging legal issues, often involving those highly touchy for the times (abortion, euthanasia, "un-American" activities, movie censorship). In most the young attorney lawyer has much to learn from his father's extensive legal experience. =========================== Was this the best filmed dramatic TV series ever? Easy Answer: Yes... this and "The Naked City" ================================== IMDB comments: Can this series really have been as inspiring as I thought it was at the time? If so, it must have had enormous effect on American society. Certainly it dealt more courageously than any other show of the period with issues such as civil rights, religious and political oppression, faults in existing laws on divorce, narcotics and legal sanity, and the ethical problems of priests, doctors and lawyers. And, as I remember, although E.G.Marshall (as Lawrence Preston) demanded our sympathy for his stand on these issues, there was always argument and challenge from Robert Reed (as his son, Kenneth), and humor prevented solemnity or sentimentality. Actors such as Sylvia Sidney, Sam Wanamaker, Ruth Roman, Akim Tamiroff, Teresa Wright, and Jack Klugman played leading roles, but minor characters also came across as people of dignity and importance. What impressed me most perhaps was Lawrence Preston's respect for THE LAW. Won't some kind person allow us to see it again? ================== There are heavy residuals on this great show, which I sure would like see again. Currently I have 32 stories, 29 of which are very good. If anyone has any ...