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deep space

deep space

Deep Space 9mm AMV [Suckafish80 + Infamous495 Collab]

4y ago


Please Rate/Comment WATCH IN HIGH QUALITY: Foreal... I watched it in normal quality and my left eye fell out. NO JOKE! High-Quality Download (111 MB DAYM!): Artist: El-P Song: Deep Space 9mm Album: Fantastic Damage Anime: Cowboy Bebop/Macross Frontier Do vids get deleted for having Frontier? Eh, I'll leave it in the tags for a bit... Intro/Credits song: Cage - "Left It To Us" Outtro song: Big Shug - "We Gangsta" (snippet) [WARNING: Not a good song at all!] Infamous495: ---------- Not a huge El-P fan, but I love this song and the beat... I showed the song to Infamous as an AMV idea and he said he had had the idea also... so we collaborated and came up with this... He did the intro... I did the Bebop part... he did the Macross part... I did the outro... he did those little credits at the end... eh, we were just having some fun... ----------