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Debobpe - Area 51 [New] [Lyrics in Description]

4y ago


-Intro- Getting off UFO,coughing from smoke - Verse 1 - To think of it Niggas probaly couldn't think of it If i think somethin N tell u u probaly think nothin I been runnin On the sun barefeet but no blisters Im the hottest dish out U niggas cold dinner We roll well and blow till We float to Roswell Abduct the aroma Marijuana my clothes smell Alternators get catered to craters Flyer than UFO, steam land radars cant trace us Ya bitch wanna toss my disc She saucy now serve her on a saucer Or a disk Like my music on wax or on the wick Or for wale fare or on wic Im doin it for the kids u dont have to be rich To get my scents Just sniff -Hook- Land of the foreigners Top notch military Protect my secrets Offend any defense Yall filled up with bull Stampede any damn dreaming man You see we, are hard to understand Or get alone wit , Just follow along wit My plan,terminating My plans,is just a cover up Minds we abduct -Verse- Identify my kind Admissions i mind To pay mind to your finds Pay funds and raise up If my money stay up Yall can save us Lil kids cryin Now little kids dyin Look at us like we different Cuz we are.we fuckin trying Dont dare look a man in the eyes The sight is blinding Never seen a man cry till i tried it Life is to much Pass the lighter And fluid Till the roof is on fire Dont wanna put myself on a High-adis tho im higher Ever seen an insect Spray chemicals to smother you Thats an analogy, On how i buzz the views Above influences Minds of lunatics Niggas OD on the truth i spit Killin in groups of two,Duo this, tango wit them demons and get populated like seaman but truth is the ride is rough sea of fire wit seamen when all god wanted us to do was follow him,die,then live free in paradise,we different from the others lord area 777 were we coming for -Hook-