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jeb bush

jeb bush

Debate Preview: A GOP Tug-of-War

1y ago


BY MEREDITH BALDWIN ANCHOR MEGAN MURPHY CNN says it's gonna get "cozy" at Wednesday night's debate. But there's a lot on the table for the four GOP presidential candidates. Here's Phoenix, Arizona's KSAZ: "Three weeks ago they were worried that this debate may not happen or may not have much drama because of it. But the Santorum surge has made it dramatic. All of the marbles." The GOP race has become much more complicated in recent weeks. Santorum made a comeback, winning the February 7th primaries in Colorado and Minnesota — as well as Missouri's non-binding caucus. CNN — who's sponsoring the debate — says... "The stakes are enormous, not just because there's been no debate for a month, but also because no more are scheduled before Super Tuesday." But while most analysts say all eyes will be on Santorum — MSNBC suggests it's Newt Gingrich who needs a good night. "Now the former speaker's performance tonight could be his last big chance to make a major impression with voters in the coming primaries and Super Tuesday." Gun control, immigration and the economy are expected to be the talkers of the night. Arizona's Republican Chairman tells KNXV these topics could be game changers in the race. "The volatility that we're seeing - I've never seen anything like this." A Politico blog Wednesday argues that volatility is the result of a weak field and that Republicans simply are scrambling to choose between four mediocre candidates, with several taking turns as frontrunners in the nomination race. "Faced with a Democratic incumbent who appears shockingly weak to them, the Republicans have been unable to find a big nominee with a big voice to oppose him. ... There are the fantasists who think that somebody — Sarah Palin, Chris Christie, Mitch Daniels, Jeb Bush — can ride into the Republican National Convention in Tampa in late August and ride out with the nomination. But that's not going to happen." The Republican hopefuls face off on CNN Wednesday night at 8 p.m. Eastern Time.