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Dearbornistan: Christians attacked at Arab Festival (Kuffar News edit)

4y ago


Update: Turns out a peaceful Muslim also tried to murder the street preachers by running them over (with cops watching) FrontPage story: _________ The United West posted a 20+ minute video ( of an angry mob of Muslims attacking Christians at the Arab Festival in Dearborn, MI. I've done a Kuffar News edit to bring the video down to 6.5 mins because a lot of the really insane things don't happen until halfway through the original video. Experience has shown me that 22 mins is too long for a video of this nature, and I was worried most people wouldn't see all that really transpired. As for the Christians at the Arab Festival, I'll say this upfront. I don't believe any Christian should use a loud speaker to yell things like "Jesus is God" (happens in the beginning of the video). I don't believe that's an effective strategy for getting someone to go to church, so there's generally no legitimate reason for doing something like that. But, in this case, clearly the Christians were there to prove a point. They did that very well... Islam cannot coexist peacefully with freedom. That's the point. As the video demonstrates, even Muslim children are taught very young to react viciously and violently to the exercise of free speech if Islam is on the receiving end of unflattering commentary. That's unacceptable and criminal in America. The children in this video should put in juvenile hall and the parents jailed. The police, organizers, city, and everyone who played a hand in the Muslim-mob violence and police refusal to protect the rights of non-muslims should be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law. I'm not a lawyer. I have no idea what the fullest extent of the law is this situation. However, I do know Dearborn should be turned upside down by Federal law enforcement and prosecutors. You can bet your infidel arse, if Muslims were the victims, Obummer would send in the National Guard to "ensure the civil rights of Muslims are not violated" and many people would be locked up with all sorts of "hate crime" enhancements added to their sentences. Wake up, America! If something is not done, the Sharia insanity will continue to spread, and the entire country will eventually become just like Dearbornistan. Look at Europe. Sharia controlled no-go zones are a reality. They've lost control of their muslim populations. And the exact same thing is starting to happen here.