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Deadwater Drowning - Slap her ass and ride the wave

4y ago


I am aware; That we are nothing; Carved into the hands of the hopeful; All for what?; How could you do this?; If only you could see me now; If only you could; hear me now; I tried to tell you everything; How I wanted to splill blood across the floor; I know you know what it's like to give up on everything; I know you know whats it's like to wish this all had never happened; What did you expect, taking more than can be given?; This is all your fault; Nothing has changed; You're stil the same; I should be leaving; You've turned a sweet girl into a desperate, heartless monster.; Heartless.; Monster.; It's all I ever wanted; That's not enough; You said it best; You said; Trust me when I say that this will hurt; This is another sick joke; Another bad joke; Think before you speak; As of now you don't mean a fucking thing to me; Bury your face in your hands; Your broken heart is just as bullshit as the rest of them.; One day I know; That I will be; Better off dead; Some things are better left unsaid; Take it back, Every word. All credit to Deadwater Drowning. Enjoy!!