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film festivals

film festivals


4y ago


Ryan interviews Emile Cambry, Todd Belcore, Mahrinah von Schlegel and George Aye about the upcoming Chicago International Social Change Film Festival. The Chicago International Social Change Festival (October 5th-7th) was created for filmmakers to showcase films that heighten public consciousness and provide a film forum for their productions to be screened on an international level. In addition, the festival is dedicated to the art of filmmaking and the filmmakers who make each and every work possible. This is a Chicago film festival with a specific focus on the issues facing society and how social change can make an incredible impact. Every day, society is in search of sustainable and innovative solutions that are designed to reshape the way the world views cultural differences and the many issues facing it today. Through this film forum, filmmakers are able to use their feature-length, short, documentary, or student films to fuel a movement. It is through this that true and inspiring social development can take place.