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DC Area Accident Attorney Discusses Bicycle Personal Injury

4y ago


If you are on a bicycle and are hit by a car, did you know that you can collect your personal injury benefits even though you were not in your car? And, the car that hit you is required to pay personal injury benefits to you as well. When you call your insurance company to make a claim they will tell you that you do not have coverage for that and it is the other person’s fault…that is not the case. Your personal injury benefits cover you when you are hit by a car whether you are in a car, on a bicycle or as a pedestrian. That is one way, as a law firm, we make sure we take care of for our clients. We make sure you are getting the benefits that you deserve when you pay your premiums like you are supposed to. For more than four decades, the law firm of Lewis & Tompkins, has focused on: accidents, insurance claims, medical malpractice and consumer protection in Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia. No legal fees or expenses until we win your case 202.296.0666