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Staff Picks

DAVID HERRERO - Session@Womb-0616_2012

4y ago


6/16 (sat) SESSION @ WOMB GUEST: DAVID HERRERO(STEREO PRODUCTIONS:SPAIN) LINE UP: OHNISHI, TOMMY WADA, YOSHI LIGHTING + LASER: AIBA SESSION DEEP: TAI, MASAHIRO (caico music), BOW, NAKAROK, ALIX ZERD, RYUSKE HOSOKAWA SCHEME SOUNDS LOUNGE: MAS aka SENJU=FRESH, CHAPS & KIBO & SHINYA, MIGHTY GREEN FLOOR : SHIGETO TAKAHASHI (UTILITY), KANSUGI (DUENDE / 202SOUND), DSITB (BLOOM / BLAFMA), TADASHI ODA (SOUND SOUP), DAZY AKA WTR (SILENT MUSIC), HITSUROW (CAMP.), PEAT (EFFECT / RADICAL) Session in June features David Herrero, an artist releasing from the major label in Spain, STEREO PRODUCTIONS. He is known as a track maker producing from deep to Balearic sounds, collaborating with a number of supportive artists. His name continued to grow and he received requests to remix the diva Donna Summer (official remix) and becoming a guest artist at parties held in Ibiza, in summer 2010. Recently, he continues to release from many top labels and perform with his base of activity in Europe. In addition, CHAPS who performed brilliantly in April will be featured on SCHEME SOUNDS LOUNGE, and don't forget, UTILITY crew SHIGETO TAKAHASHI's birthday party will be held on that day! Feel the groove of early summer vibes filled with passion!