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David Forbes - Dalton 91 (Original Mix)

4y ago


Listen on Spotify: Download on Beatport: Download on iTunes: As long as there's a spark of creativity, the fire of music will always light David Forbes' studio. The Scottish producer has been at it for 20 years, relentlessly creating new beats to dance to. Shortly after his 'Yasai' trancer, he returns to the AVA label with duo 'Dalton 91' and 'Touchscreen'. 'Dalton 91' is refreshing, sparkling and melodic, setting forth an energetic, prog-trance sound that rouses through the speakers. 'Touchscreen' hits in deeper, with tony bits of detail, razor-sharp synths and a slight touch of drama. If you're into techy edged trancers, this one will get you going! Tracklist 1.Dalton 91 (Original Mix) 2.Touchscreen (Original Mix) 3.Dalton 91 (Radio Edit) 4.Touchscreen (Radio Edit)