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district attorney

district attorney

Dave Welch speaks at the Texas Freedom Rally at the Alamo about Justice David Medina

4y ago


New Video/Website Launched - "Runaway Grand Jury....or Runaway Justice?" Texas Alliance For Ethical Government releases website and video at Runaway Grand Jury.Org exposing cronyism in dismissal of Justice Medina's grand jury indictment on arson related charges Texas Supreme Court Justice Place 4 race heats up as grand jurors reveal the truth and seek to defend their integrity July 27, 2012 By Texas Alliance for Ethical Government AUSTIN, TX -- Texas Alliance for Ethical Government released a new video and website this week to expose the deliberate smear campaign launched against the 1st Harris County grand jury that indicted Justice David Medina and his wife Francisca on felony arson related charges in 2008 through the organization's public education project: RunawayGrandJury.Org. The video titled, "Runaway Grand Jury....or Runaway Justice?" can be viewed at: In an attempt to downplay the indictment of Justice Medina and discredit the grand jury, the Medina legal teams labeled the jurors as a "Runaway Grand Jury" and made statements implying they were all "agenda driven ...liberal ... Log Cabin Republicans ... drunk with power ... trying to rid Texas of conservative Republican judges." The hard-hitting video reveals the fact that the 1st grand jury was in truth comprised of a large number of "conservatives" and several very "staunch" Republicans as detailed on the website at Meet the Jurors. Dave Welch, Texas Alliance for Ethical Government board member stated, "Contrary to the character attacks launched by Medina's legal team (often with Medina present) several of the jury members have served the Texas GOP as precinct chairs, state convention delegates, and convention committee members." Welch further added, "Oddly enough, there are 3 National GOP Convention delegates among the grand jury members that indicted Justice Medina and his wife in January of 2008." After the 1st grand jury indictments were handed down against both David and Francisca Medina, the District Attorney's office made the surprising discovery that they failed to "properly extend" the original term of that grand jury. It seems incompetence ran as deep as cronyism and corruption during that time period in the Harris County District Attorney's office. "Until now, the Medina legal teams got away with their efforts to discredit and silence the 1st grand jury, going so far as to ask the court to consider jail time and fines if the jurors dared defend their integrity or service as jurors," said Alice Linahan, Texas Alliance for Ethical Government board member. Linahan stated additionally, "With the true composition of the 1st grand jury finally revealed, it will be difficult for the public to believe that these jurors had an "agenda" as suggested or that two separate grand juries in Harris County got it wrong two times in this one arson case." Several mysteries still remain in the Medina arson indictment saga. What did happen to that letter that was the basis of Justice Medina's felony indictment for "evidence tampering" -- did it get lost on the way to the 2nd grand jury proceeding? ###