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Dave Matthews Band - First Full Band Spoon - Crickets - 1998

2y ago


While Dave Matthews Band was performing Jimi Thing on 8/13/98 they were inundated by crickets attracted to the stage lights. The crickets were so bothersome that towards the end of the Jimi Thing jam Carter threw out his drumsticks (~26 seconds on this video) and walked off stage. After Carter walked off stage the rest of the band played Spoon for the first time. It's assumed DMB wasn't planning to play Spoon but played it due to the circumstances. After Spoon the band asked to have the house lights turned on to keep the crickets away from the stage. Carter returned and then the show continued. Long term followers of the band will probably be familiar with this story. That being said the video quality isn't spectacular. Major props to the original taper. More Info: