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hayley westenra

hayley westenra

Dark Waltz (Hayley Westenra) - Cover by Kendra Masonchuck

4y ago


I did this song a while ago for a friend, but it was awful so I deleted it lol. I know this may be a simple song for some people, but for me it's a bit challenging. The style I wanted to sing it in requires a lot of vocal control in order to pull it off well, something I struggle with at times especially in my head voice. I managed to stumble upon a great instrumental for it so I figured I'd see if I could do a better job this time. I tried to sing it the way Hayley does, but my voice doesn't come close to her amazing quality and tone. MAN that girl has serious talent! For those of you interested, I purchased the instrumental off of No copyright infringement intended. This was not made for profit nor is it intended to be used for profit. This is for showcase only. I claim to own nothing but my voice.