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making it

making it

The Dark Knight Rises Meets Metal

4y ago


Hey guys, So as you guys would probably assume, yes I did go to the midnight showing of the Dark Knight RIses and it was MARRRRRVELOUS. Also before the movie I listened to the score and Mr. Hans Zimmer was just blowing my mind, incredible score. So just for a fandom and nerdiness I figured why not. I tried to keep the actual score in there by making it TransSiberian-ish, so I tried orchestrating it the best my ear let me. Thank you guys so much for everything. Big ups for the comments, messages, subs, donations, fan art, suggestions and support. You rock the casbah, Best to ya E Facebook: Tab Book and MP3: Itunes: CDbaby: Twitter: Tattoo Artist: NEW SHIRT SHOP: NEW SHIRT SHOP: