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christian artists

christian artists

Dara Maclean Explains "Suitcases" | AgapeSoulNation.TV

2y ago


As a young girl growing up outside of Fort Worth Texas, Dara MacLean's family encouraged her love for music and for the Lord. Dara Maclean's vision as to who she was going to be, projected itself at an early age. Now at age 25 she has been graced with both God given vocal ability and writing skills that carry poise and strength. She sings out in melodies, the thoughts that run through our minds daily. Her writing style gives us a truthful vision of what goes on in our hearts and speaks on real life and real emotions. The flow and vibe of MacLean's debut album "You Got My Attention", is reminiscent of the rhythms and harmonies of Pop, and the soulful sounds of R&B. MacLean can be quoted as saying, "I wanted the accessibility that great Motown music had," ..."That and the great 70s soul and R&B music transcended barriers."...... and once you give a listen to her debut CD "You Got My Attention" you will agree that she too transcends! She says "I love making music you can move and groove to," she adds, "but at the same time, as Christian artists we have a responsibility to speak the truth of the finished work of Christ in love." To Read Full Article Go Here: