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Complete Control - Making Danzig Laugh, Strip Clubs & BroLove w/ April Richardson and the LaRoccas of The Briggs

4y ago


EPISODE SYNOPSIS: This week the bonds between comedy and punk rock get tighter than ever, with stand-up funny woman April Richardson and the brothers LaRocca from The Briggs. April shares with us her experiences as a fanzine-writing brit-pop dork, and how she has taken her gift of funny to the unlikely heights of making even Glenn Danzig laugh. Then, Jason and Joey LaRocca from LA punk band The Briggs join the set and tell us about doing time in a van during the recession, growing up with their family's turntable, and the painful honesty afforded by playing in a band with your brother. Its a fun talk that everybody enjoyed--we hope you do too. GUEST BIO: April Richardson was born and raised in Georgia and came to Los Angeles immediately after graduating from college. She was a former copy editor for MTVNews, and then got a job as a writer for Chelsea Lately. She has been an active stand up performer and featured act around the country. The Briggs are a punk rock band based out of Los Angeles, California. The Band Formed in 1999 under the name "I Decline" by brothers Joey and Jason LaRocca and bassist Matthew Stolarz (a.k.a. Duck). In 2001, with the addition of drummer Chris Arredondo (a.k.a. Chris X) the band adopted the name The Briggs. Since the band started touring, they have shared the stage with the likes of Dropkick Murphys, Bad Religion, Anti-Flag, and Flogging Molly. They have also been involved with The Vans Warped Tour in 2002, 2004, 2007, and 2008. The Briggs released their fourth full length titled Come All You Madmen on SideOneDummy Records on June 17, 2008. Their song This is LA is played as part of the introduction for the Los Angeles Galaxy and the Los Angeles Kings at all of their home games. Their song "Harder To Stand" from the album "Back to Higher Ground" was featured in the soundtrack to the film Big Stan (2008). ADD'L LINKS:!/apey EPISODE BREAKDOWN: 00:01 Complete Control Intro. 02:37 Joe welcomes April Richardson. 03:54 Growing up in Georgia and stalking R.E.M. 05:30 April's music loves and redneck background. 07:20 Huey Lewis and the News--without irony. 08:40 From fanzines and music to comedy. 11:40 Getting a job writing for Chelsea Handler 14:58 Promoting shows--"Seriously guys, I'm really awesome!" 16:12 Making Glenn Danzig laugh. 20:51 The strip club for women, clip. 22:39 Welcoming Jason and Joey LaRocca of The Briggs. 23:20 Returning from a 'hiatus.' 25:46 Being a band with your brother. 27:04 Being encouraged to pursue music from your parents. 29:58 April's first record. 31:08 Joey's full length solo debut and tour and Billy Bragg love affair. 33:49 Jason's upcoming soundtrack for Nic Cage. 35:03 The Briggs, back together and releasing a single. 36:06 April considers making a record, "The most egotistical thing of all time." 39:20 The Rock to Roll benefit of music and comedy. 40:05 Joe thanks Joey, Jason and April and wraps up.