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Dance Showdown Presented by D-trix - Episode 9

4y ago


Click to tweet: Subscribe to DanceOn: Watch all final performances: Dance Showdown Episodes: Dance Showdown Presented by D-trix - Episode 9: The Final Performances D-trix hosts this hilarious episode featuring clips from all four final performances. D-trix judges the performances and how evaluates the execution of their "D-trix stunt challenge." Watch ItsKingsleyBitch, SeaNanners, WhatsUpElle, and WoodysGamerTag perform to compete for the title as Dance Champion, and $25,000 cash prize! You've seen So You Think You Can Dance. You've seen Dancing with the Stars...but you've never seen moves quite like those featured on this new original series from the DanceOn Network: Dance Showdown Presented by D-trix. Twelve dance-challenged YouTube stars pair off with four professional dancers to train, sweat, fail, and ultimately perform in an epic dance battle to win $25,000 CASH. YOU, the audience, vote for the winner. In the end, only one dancer or troupe can triumph as the ultimate Dancer and go home with cold hard cash! Subscribe to catch new episodes of Dance Showdown Season 2 every Friday! DanceOn Channel: ‪‪‪‪ Follow us on Twitter @DanceOnNetwork FEATURING: Adam Montoya (SeaNanners) Elle Walker (WhatsUpElle) Kingsley (ItsKingsleyBitch) Matt Woodworth (WoodysGamerTag) Special Thanks to our Choreographers: Tabitha Dumo & Napoleon Dumo (Nappytabs) - Supervising Choreographers Bryan Tanaka - Lead Dancer for Beyonce and Rihanna Kherington Payne - Starred in "Fame," Dancer for Katy Perry Lauren Froderman - Winner of "So You Think You Can Dance Ian Eastwood - Dancer on "America's Best Dance Crew" PRESENTED BY: Dominic Sandoval (D-trix) CREDITS: Executive Producers: Caleb Nelson, Dominic "D-trix" Sandoval, Amanda Taylor Directed by: Caleb Nelson Supervising Producer: Josh Siegel Line Producer: David Moore Production Manager: Jin Ah Lee Director of Photography: Michael Parry Camera Operator: Roger Chingirian Jib Operator: Paul Ripley Associate Producer: Jill Sparks Camera Assistant: Eric Smith Gaffer: Ira Boyd Electricians: J.P. Brennan, Dave B.T. Gazzana, Jason Hanson, Bryce Lansing, Jamie Banfield Balloon Tech: Marty Lagrasta Art Director: Mike Gump Makeup/Hair: Alex George Stylist: Chantal Nightingale Audio Mixer: Eileen Ruiz Assistant Editor: Allyssa Smith Editors: Sunny Peabody, Becky Hutner Associate Editor: Nick Bongianni Graphics/VFX/Titles: Design on the Fly Promotions: Tiffany Lum Music Supervisor: Jason Cienkus Music Provided by: Alec Puro & The Music Collective For DanceOn VP, Production: Kate Palmer Moon For DanceOn VP, Business Affairs & Development: Stephanie Cohen For DanceOn Chief Programming Officer: Jon Small SPECIAL THANKS TO: Allen DeBevoise, Adam Relis, Lydia Antonini, Guy Oseary, Ryan Higa This has been a DanceOn Production. Tags: dance showdown, dance showdown episode 9, dance showdown final four performances, dance showdown final four, dance showdown final 4, dance showdown round two, d-trix judes final performance, dance, danceon, dance contest, d-trix, itskingsleybitch, whatsupelle, seananners, woodysgamertag, lauren froderman, bryan tanaka, kherington payne, nappytabs