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The Daisy Field acrylic painting by Steve Buchanan

4y ago


Facebook: This is another daisy painting, daisies seem to be in vogue this year. This painting was specially created for a specific reason for a friend where the daisy took on a particular significance. Initially I found a photograph which I used as a general guide as to how I wanted the painting to look. It was bright, summery, colourful, full of natural life which is exactly how I wanted the finished painting to look. I am useing acrylic paint throughout onto a framed stretched canvas, (for UK viewers- the canvas was only £4.99 at Roys.....what value! ) The video follows the journey from initial idea to sucessful completion, framed and hanging on my friends wall - job done. Please leave comments and subscribe to my channel. WARNING: This video contains a really bad joke, I mean REALLY bad, sorry.