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Cyan's Theme (Final Fantasy 6), flute cover

4y ago


Hi! I'm Lauren. I play flute in a video game cover band. I love video game music so much that I play it on my own, too. Ah, Cyan (Cayenne in Japan), tragic retainer of the Kingdom of Doma. I didn't fully appreciate him when I was a kid. His story is heartbreaking, even if he's sometimes played for comic relief. The scene at the end of the Phantom Train... I cry, every time. Final Fantasy 6 is one of my favorite games ever. I'm playing through a fan-translation of it right now to see a new interpretation. This results in me saying "Oh! I want to record this song! No, I want to record THIS SONG!" Do not be surprised if someday I have recorded every character theme in the game. Music by the great Nobuo Uematsu, although I think Square (Squaresoft? Square Enix?) owns the full copyright. I just play it because I love it. :)