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The Current: Colin Steele on the Millennial American Dream

4y ago


June 18, 2012 | This video is part of the student-produced web-based series "The Current: Navigating Our Values and Politics." One week after the release of the Millennial Values survey, The Current interviewed Millennial Values Fellow Colin Steele to hear his view on the survey findings. Steele expressed his concern about his own generation's negativity and challenged his peers to help determine a united Millennial "American Dream." In this episode, host Mitchel Hochberg also chats with Zoë Lillian about the influence of technology on the American dream. The monthly show centers on a 4-6 minute interview about values and public life with a leader from the worlds of academia, business, politics, or civil society. The interviews address the concerns of young people in particular, with a focus on the college demographic. Student interviews and commentary on the week's topic round out the show. The show is produced under the auspices of Georgetown's Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs and Program for Jewish Civilization. For more on The Current: For more on the Berkley Center: For more on the Program for Jewish Civilization: