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the trace

the trace

Critical VIP (Ft. Nico Collu and Trace) - Nelzlo

2y ago


Quick rap song I made for a friend. Lyrics: (Verse 1) Critical like when I'm staring in your eyes! [Yeah!] And you're talking 'ish, run yo mouth with yo lies... [Ha!] I might be silent but in the truth I despise. A woman's perceptions, feel the shake in yo thighs! [Ha ha!] I, have some experience in life! [Uh!] And I, feel like you need some advice! So here, hear what it is I have to say... [Ha ha!] I'm criticizing you while you're talking & 'ish'ing away - yup! - I'm ahead of the game! [Ha !] I'm a nice face but I got blackmail on many names! [Yeah!] So don't face the Trace cause I'm trained to spray... [Huh!] Heinous critique that'll really put you in yo place! We are 2 Italians, rowdy and we can be the best of friends... We can make you smile again but if you step over our toes, we're regulating! [Yeah!] And all you 'itch sass boes! [Vafanculo!] (Verse 2) Outpoints, I see them immediately. [Yeah!] Quickly, noticing what others see as enemies! [Ha!] Remedies, my mind operates rapidly! [Uh!] Too evolved! Send me back to the factory! [Haha ha ha!] - Where the smoke rolls, Technology... So far behind [Behind.] - the synonym is history! [Yeah!] Behind lines, lyrical mystery. Cause behind lines are the lines I can't describe! Critical! [Yeah!] - Against your shit raps! [Ha!] Articulation, lyrics, [Huh!] the way you lean back! [Com' on!] Critical! - Against todays standards! [Com' on!] Economical, ethical, in general! [Huh, uh! Yeah!] It's critical that we criticize the critical! [Uh-huh!] - Exterminate the critters, get rid of all! [Uh!] Cause I'm critical to the bone, just watch me unfold! Behold to the malevolent what I just can't withhold!