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open frameworks

open frameworks

The Creators Project Meets Hojun Song

4y ago


For more information and videos go to Art futurist. Location: Seoul, South Korea Profession: Artist, engineer Website: Studio hhjjj Notables: Wireless action MIDI controller; an unbreakable machine (even by nuclear bomb) called “The Strongest Weapon in the World”; and a DIY satellite project called the Open Source Satellite Initiative Hojun Song uses: • Canon 500D • DSLR • Abelton Live 8 • Abs Plastic • Adobe CS4 • Arduino • Eagle Cad • iMovie • Epoxy • Fiberglass • Radons Beads • Aluminum Alloy • Uranium Ore • Machines • Geiger Counter • iPad • Agilent DS 1024A Oscilloscope • Kenwood TH-F7 portable radio • MacBook Pro • Make Controller • Microcontrollers • Open Frameworks • Zoom H4N Recorder Vice and Intel launched The Creators Project, a global initiative bringing together the world's leading and most relevant innovators in music, art, film, design and architecture through a common passion for creativity and technology. Facebook: Twitter: