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Creation vs Evolution Debate! Bill Jack vs. Robert R. Tiernan Part 1

4y ago


Debate: The Model of Evolution provides a Greater Benefit for Mankind than the Model of Creation. Mr. Bill Jack vs. Robert R. Tiernan Creation vs Evolution Debate! Date: January 13th, 2006 7:00pm This Friday, RMCF will present a debate between Bill Jack of World View Academy and Robert R. Tiernan, past president of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, Inc. Bill currently is faculty advisor and lecturer for Worldview Academy (, which is dedicated to training Christians around the country to think and act consistently with a Biblical worldview. Update: Bill Jack is now also a speaker for Answers in Genesis ( Robert R. Tiernan is an attorney specializing in criminal defense and constitutional law. Mr. Tiernan obtained his J.D. from Boston College in 1958, and was admitted to the practice of law before the U.S. Supreme Court and all Federal districts. After a stint in the U.S. Army, Mr. Tiernan served as an advance political strategist for the campaign of President John Kennedy in 1960. Later he was chairman of the Air Bag Information Center, which promoted the installation of these safety devices in cars. He returned to private practice in 1987. Robert has been council for the Foundation and is the head of the Denver chapter. We welcome both for an interesting debate. The Model of Evolution provides a Greater Benefit for Mankind than the Model of Creation. Debate setup: 10 Minute Statement (Robert Tiernan) 5 Minute Rebuttal (Bill Jack) 2 Minute Response to the rebuttal (Robert Tiernan) 10 Minute Statement (Bill Jack) 5 Minute Rebuttal (Robert Tiernan) 2 Minute Response to the rebuttal (Bill Jack) 5 Minute closing statement from both gentleman. Robert Tiernan will go first. We will have a 5 minute break where written questions will be gathered from the audience. These will be the only questions asked by the audience. The speaker to whom the question is asked will have 2 minutes to reply. The other speaker will have 1 minute to respond to that question or the question's reply. At the end of the audience's questions, each speaker will will be allowed to ask the other speaker two questions. Robert Tiernan will go first. Each will ask their first question and be responed to by the other party before the second question is asked. Debate Ends. Visit Rocky Mountain Creation Fellowship's website at for more video & audio of creation speakers and scientists, as well as information on upcoming events.