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Crazy Anti-Semitic Elmo Harrasses in Times Square, New York: Elmo's Anti-Semitism Unwelcome

4y ago


He may be cute, but he's got a foul mouth. A man dressed as Sesame Street character Elmo has been making a scene in New York City's Times Square, where he has been showing up in popular spots to shout anti-Semitic slurs. "Don't use Michael Milken's international Jew brand Leap Frog!" The man was recently arrested and hospitalized after going on a rant in full costume in New York's Central Park. Costumed characters are quite common in New York, often offering to pose with tourists for photos. This one said he wasn't making enough money, and blamed Jews for his financial struggles. His name hasn't been released and it isn't clear whether he was hospitalized for mental health issues. "This message is brought to you by the Girl Scouts of the USA and Elmo" A spokesman for the Sesame Street Workshop, which produces the hit children's show, said in a statement that it doesn't condone unauthorized representations of its characters.