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++Crash,Crash,Kids = Outtake #27

2y ago


++What's in the CRANKCASE?? (Updated May 2012) Here's all the stuffs I use in my accidental productions! Enjoy the link lovin ;) Facebook : I post facebook-only stuffs there! Woop, more accidental lovin' Twitter : ++Camera Stuffs 1.GoPro HD Hero2 on my helmet : Extra OEM Battery : -VIDEO-My Helmet-Cam Setup : 1.My second CAMERA Sony Hx9v 16mp : LOVE IT! 2.The Sony HX20V 18mp is out, same cam, more zooooM : Get Extra Batteries (original type, don't get the Chinese kind, they don't charge or show battery capacity! 2X OEM : works in both the HX9V and the HX20V. These grips are a must for and point-and-shoot cam! 1. Pimped : 2. Eco : What was I talking about? Oh-yeah... MEMORY! As of 2012 I'm personally sticking to Sandisk for the GoPro2 baby! 1.Sandisk 32gig class 10 SDHC: In the HX9V I'll continue using the Lexar 32gig Class 10 2. Joby Gorilla Pods FBeepKing Rule! Both will work with the HX9V VERY NICELY. This is the best damn Joby that I've ever used. Please do yourself a favor and get it WITH the ballhead. Leveling these without the ballhead is very boring. With the ballhead it's a dream. Ok, nuff about balls and heads. Get your joby on! 1.Pimped with ballhead : 2.Little Joby fit's in your pocket and comes with threaded quick release for happy shooting : ++Helmet Stuffs Here's my latest update on my helmet Set-up -VIDEO-My Helmet-Cam Setup : My Helmet : Love this helmet! Rockin the GOLD faceshield : Here's the stuffs that I used in the vid: Video was shot on my Sony HX9V : CarbonFiber Shrink Vinyl : Large Neodynium Magnet for GoPro : Small Neodynium Magnets for Mic-Jack : Gorilla Epoxy for attaching Magnet : Camelbak Octane 18x : Fantastic backpack for day treks : Light your Review vids with these awesome lights : They are BRITE!! ++Microphone Stuffs: This area is still in the works, I have been working on a super secret mic that I hope to bring into reality. Until then, you will get great audio with the Audio Technica 3350 : Don't forget your WINDSCREENS : ) I make windscreens for digital audio recorders but will be taking orders on a 1 by 1 basis for lav mics. Vlog on! Message me at ( youtube at accidentalbroadcast dot com ) if you would like to purchase a 3pack of the super-custom "mini-RED's" for the 3350. Will also work on just about any lav mic. Clear audio rules! ++Music Stuffs: I Love Audio Jungle! It cost's money but damn it's worth it! My intro and a lot of my outtro's are from Audio Jungle! They also have all sorts of sound effects and stuffs! Free Music BY KEVIN MACLEOD : Free Music!, don't forget to give Kevin link lovin! powered by Windscreens for digital handheld recorders. Where's your Redhead? Much love, more aloha, YOU RULE ;)