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Crash Birds Islands - Universal - HD Gameplay Trailer

4y ago


Crash Birds Islands by ANIMA Entertainment Fasten your jetpacks and get your helmets ready for a whole new Crash Birds game! Crash Birds Islands is the ultimate 3D bird flight simulation on your mobile or tablet device. Following up the 2010 top ten hit, Crash Birds Islands takes you to a completely new bright and colorful 3D world. Fly three cute bird characters through 45 fantastic levels and master all the different challenges. Just pull the sling shot and let it go: * Meet your birds Fred, Suzy and Jack * 45 levels in 9 stages * Choose your gear: jetpack or trusty helmet * Cheerful soundtrack that could rival your most beloved animation movies * Colorful and detailed 3D graphics Take on the five different challenges and safely pass the wind turbine at the end: * Find and collect the secret golden egg * Pass all the checkpoints in time * Collect all golden coins * Crash all the piles of wooden crates * Crash all the blue toilets! If you are really fast you might collect all the three time bonus stars for every challenge. You should try the fastest birds to proof your skills. Enjoy the completely revised control scheme for the tightest control of a bird you can ever get. You do not have to learn any cumbersome controls. Just jump right into the action. There were really no birds harmed in making this game! iTunes Store Page: Homepage: