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French Cows Fed Fine Wine

4y ago


Cows Being Fed Fine French Wine - as part of the news series by GeoBeats. Cow farmers in France are trying to rear the best beef producing cattle in the world by serving them upto two bottles of wine a day each. In the southern region of France the experiment has produced cuts of meat that will be supported by some of the best restaurants in Paris. But the cost of serving the bovines two bottles of fancy wine a day triples the cost of their usual diet, which makes the price of a 1 kilogram cut go up to about 120 dollars. A Michelin-starred chef notes: "It has a very special texture -- beautiful, marbled and tender, and which caramelises during cooking. All the best Parisien restaurants will take it." The only competition for this new meat labeled 'Vinbovin' is the Japanese Kobe beef, which is a famous brand of beef that is misunderstood by many. It is said that the cattle are fed beer to stimulate their appetite, and they are given massages to relieve muscle tension, because it is believed to make the animals calm, which yields better meat.