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burbank, california

burbank, california

I'm Stacking Cheddar, I'm Stacking Cheese

4y ago


Cary'nn Sims. It's your girl Car'ynn, AKA, Lil' Car'ynn. I'm 10 years old, I'm from Burbank, California, and I'm finna put this rap thing down for y'all. Check dis out. It's your girl Car'ynn, and I'm back in town, I'm about to show y'all rappers how I put it down, and I know I got a little bit of west coast sound, but in case you were wonderin', I'm from D-Town, to all who don't know that Dallas, Texas, that is the place I learned all my exits, it's a little bit tougher second time around, but like R. Kelly, keep puttin' it down, it's like the lyrics keep comin' from high up above, I wanna keep y'all steppin' in the name of love, now I know I'm only just 10 years old, but my rapping so tight some people call it gold, but if you ask me, I think it's a blinkin', cause when I'm rapping, I feel like I'm singing, it's like Alicia Keys, but no, I'm not fallin, I'm standin' so tall, you can say I'm ballin', I'm stacking cheddar, I'm stacking cheese, I'm talking 'bout that money, you better believe, I'm stacking cheddar, I'm stacking cheese, I'm talking 'bout that green, you know what I mean? **might have some mistakes** ~Disclaimer~ I do not own the rights to this video, I own nothing