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common purpose

common purpose

Common-Purpose-Building the Foundation of the Beast System(AVII).flv

4y ago


This is not a Christian video but Brian Gerrish is to be applauded for his research into Common Purpose. This organisation which has come out of The Tavistock Institute is growing rapidly and uses NLP and other mind control techniques in its courses. It is an organisation which asks you to serve it by oath and which keeps the details of its meetings secret sound familiar! It targets future leaders in every field and you will find its tied in with all of the other globalist NWO organisations such as Council of Foreign Relations WWF ADL and the European Union. It promotes the global warming myth and wants to place these future leaders in positions of power and bypass the democratic process. Freedom in the West is now an illusion they are preparing the way for one leader to rule at the top of their pyramid.Brian agrees that thay are dismantling the moral structure of society to bring choas and then their police state. What he is not aware of is the spiritual aspect of what they are doing and the real power behind the elite.