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Staff Picks

Colonel Gaddafi and Gold Dinars - The truth behind the Libyan Invasion!

2y ago


Most people are confused regarding the reasons of NATO involvement in Libya..It is said to be for installing Democracy, and others say it was for oil..But the real reason was Gaddafi's ideal of introducing a rival currency to US$ which had the capacity to bring down the Jewish Baking System once and for all! This is why they have focused Libya rather than Yemen, Bahrain or Saudi.. Who is behind Financial crisis? 1) Alan Greenspan - kept interest rates low so that Jewish bankers can plunder 2) Ben Bernanke - same as above 3) Dick Fuld - CEO of Lehman 4) Jimmy Caynes - CEO of Bear Sterns 5) Maurice Greenberg - ex CEO of AIG 6) Sandy Weils - ex CEO of Citigroup 7) Madoff - cheater even by Jewish standards 8) Milken - Junk bond king What do they all have in common - they all belong to 1 ethnic group which has started wars and famines throughout human history. aka Jew