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microsoft surface

microsoft surface

Collaborative Control of Simulated Robots Using Microsoft Surface & Apple iPad

4y ago


UMass Lowell Robotics Lab This is our multi-touch interface for command and control of individual or multiple robots, simulated using Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio and the Microsoft Surface. We have extended our previous implementations of the interface, simulation backend, and home-brewed UDP communication protocol to support additional users on the Apple iPad. Now, multiple users on multiple devices can collaboratively interact with the robots in this environment, working together to accomplish a common goal. More multi-touch videos: Multi-robot Control and DREAM Controller on the Microsoft Surface: iPad Virtual Joystick Interface for Robot Control: Multi-touch Gamepad Piloting AR Drone: Playing FlightSim and Portal with the DREAM Controller: Multi-touch Starcraft 2: For more information on our multi-touch research: Music "Malaga" by Naaab