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higgs boson

higgs boson

Cold Call

4y ago


When a huge asteroid threatens to extinguish all life on Earth, particle physics tries to help. I created this 11:28 min. animation using iClone 5 PRO. I composed and performed the musical soundtrack using a variety of virtual instruments, including quite a few voices from Garritan libraries. I wrote the story and based it on the things I've read about the Higgs boson research conducted at the CERN facility, which straddles the French/Swiss border. In my story, I refer to the "Higgs Field Modifier" which is actually just a general area of study. The "Higgs Field Stimulator" is a specific application and/or device, which I envision could be used to change an objects coordinates in space, and in so doing, move it instantly, from one place to another. Eventually, people could be transported this way, as in, "....beam me up Scotty". No travel time at all! Pure fantasy, of course, but, they employ over 3000 physicists at CERN and already zillions of dollars have been invested in the project, wonder what they're thinking.................?