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peter jacobs

peter jacobs

Colby's Clubhouse Episode 8 (Showing Up -- Part 1).wmv

4y ago


(c)1996 Joyful Heart/TBN Episode 8 of Colby's Clubhouse. This episode deals with overcoming and facing fear; primarily with Brittany being afraid of the lightning (notice how the lighting goes from dark gray {to suggest severe weather} to the standard bright blue for the songs) and with Jessica needing a shot to help her with her growth. CAST MEMBERS: 1. Brett Traina (letter reader; recording starts during opening comments) 2. Danielle Kincebach 3. Dawn Jordan 4. Beau Clark 5. Zane Gerson 6. Kiera Cope 7. Krysta Rodriguez 8. Aaron Vaughan 9. Delana Tillman 10. Paulina Johnson 11. Laura Fager 12. Brittany Durlach 13. Lindsey Weeks 14. Saxon Christin 15. Jessica Adams Peter Jacobs as Colby SONGS (shown with title and kids featured): 1. Perfect for You (Krysta, Saxon; full version {last part is re-used for 1999 episode "Helping Missionaries"}) 2. You Are Always There (Lindsey, Delana, Kiera, Paulina) 3. God Takes Care of All of His Kids (Unison)