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Code Club - The Interview

4y ago


Get your school involved at Code Club, the free after school activity that teaches children to code, is looking for some new volunteers. A crack team of young interviewers is on the case, but despite the incredibly high calibre of applicants (including Sir Tim Berners-Lee, Chad Hurley and even HRH The Duke of York), they seem rather difficult to please. Full list of candidates: Niklas ZennStröm (Founder -- Atomico) Joanna Shields (VP & Managing Director of EMEA -- Facebook) Chad Hurley (Co-Founder & Chief Executive -- AVOS Systems) Dame Tessa Jowell (Shadow Minister for the Olympics) Martha Lane Fox (UK Digital Champion -- Race Online 2012) Brent Hoberman (Co-Founder --, & PROfounders Capital) Sir Tim Berners-Lee (Director/Professor -- WC3/MIT) HRH The Duke of York Interviewers: Skye Goodman, Teal Darken & Jack Belcher Concepted, filmed and launched in one day, at the Founders Forum 2012 by: Concept: Fred Destin's team. Albion London: Jason Goodman, Sasha Orr, Nick Darken, Petrina Kilby, Clare Sutcliffe, Jack Gallon, Laura Muse, Ben Buswell, Andrew Singleton, Ceinwen Jarvis, Joe Smith, Alex Rosen. Hotspur & Argyle: Theo Delaney, Adam Lyne, Tom Mallion, Ciro Candia, Martyna Knitter, Sophia Millar, Anita Rajikumar, Dean Hewitson, Lizzie Wilkinson, Amy Philpott. Unruly: Arber Pllana, David Waterhouse, Louise Tullin, Sarah Wood and Unruly's awesome network of publishers and bloggers. The Quarry -- Editor: Jonathan Casey With thanks to The Grove in Hertfordshire for hosting us. With special thanks to all organisers and delegates of the Founders Forum 2012.