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battlefield 3

battlefield 3

COD Ghosts: MR-28 vs IA-2 | Which Marksman Rifle is Best? (Stats and Gameplay)

2y ago


Best Guns with Deadeye: Comparing the MR-28 and the IA-2, two Marksman rifles in Call of Duty: Ghosts. Intro sounds taken from Battlefield 3 gameplay Additional Tags: mw4, mw3, Call of Duty 10, Call of duty 2013, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4,Modern Warfare, Leaked info, xbox 720, ps4, gdc, e3, pax east, ghosts, COD Ghosts, Call of Duty Ghosts, ghost, e3 2013, multiplayer, gameplay, teaser image, character customization, marksman rifles, squad points, glitch, 10th prestige, prestige glitch, tip, guide, xbox one, ps4, next gen, perk, exploit, MR-28, IA-2, mr28, ia2, best gun,