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the embassy

the embassy

COC protest Ukrainian embassy The Hague 29 June 2012

4y ago


On 3 July the Ukrainian parliament starts debating a draft law that forbids 'propaganda' for homosexuality. The LGBT organizations in Ukraine have asked their colleagues in other countries to stage protests all over Europe against this law. Friday 29 June it was the Netherlands' turn. At the Ukrainian embassy in The Hague a large group of people gathered that showed their discontent with flags and protest signs. The protest was organized by COC Netherlands and COC The Hague region. COC Netherlands board member Eunice den Hoedt sketched the consequences of the Ukrainian law: "If the law were to be adopted, it will be illegal to give information about a gathering like this one. It will be illegal to come together like we came together today. And it will be illegal to speak, like I am speaking now." And it doesn't stop at making gatherings impossible. The law extends much further, Den Hoedt said: "It will be illegal to watch a film that portrays a gay character. It will be illegal to read a book that contains a gay love story. And education about sexual diversity will be unthinkable. The punishment for all this can be as much as five years in prison." At the end of the protest the organizers tried to hand a letter to the embassy staff. Unfortunately the door stayed very meaningfully closed. (video and editing: Wouter Weyland)