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Coastal - Black Stars/Flash Cars

4y ago

Description Well baby now that its over I don't gotta get up on time I don't gotta drive you around no Places that you wanna go. I don't gotta get my hair cut I don't gotta keep in shape Well baby now that its over I just gotta walk away. I don't gotta get outta bed so I'm gonna watch jeremy kyle. I'm gonna take a fuckload of tablets And stay out of it for a while And then I'm gonna sit in starbucks And look photos of you on my phone. And wait to come down from the tablets And then I'm gonna swallow some more. And when I'm all done with the black stars Hanging in my empty room I'm gonna get me one of the flash cars That will get another one of you. And then I'm gonna drive that car love I'm gonna drive it right into the lough I'm gonna wave to you while I'm drowning As if I don't give a fuck. I was a champ-i-on Now I'm a chump again :(