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Coast to Coast AM (May-16-2012) Lost Civilizations & Races

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Date: 05-16-12 Host: George Noory Guests: Patrick Chouinard, Marc Zicree, Doug Drexler, Neil Johnson Independent researcher, Pat Chouinard, discussed his work investigating the myths and traditions of ancient civilizations, why he believes they were actually real, and how archaeological discoveries suggest there were different species of humans roaming the planet in the past. He refuted the popular paranormal theory that ancient legends about 'gods' are actually references to aliens. On the contrary, Chouinard contended that these tales are factual and that advanced, god-like beings as well as monsters and dragons are "true in the truest sense of the word." Over the course of the evening, Chouinard also talked about Caucasian mummies discovered in China, ET artifacts on Mars, and his belief in a "cosmic God," which oversees all of the universe. Chouinard detailed the intriguing findings revealed by the discovery of an ancient species of human dubbed the 'X-Woman of Siberia.' According to him, genome information gleaned from the bones showed that it possessed the capacity for high intelligence and was neither neanderthal nor homo sapien. Based on the genetics, Chouinard described them as giants, compared to their bipedal contemporaries, and said that they looked like a cross between modern humans and the progenitors of the neanderthals. He theorized that the Siberian discovery, as well as finds in the country of Georgia and the 'hobbits' of Flores, suggest that the cradle of human civilization may have actually been in Eurasia rather than Africa. Based on his research, Chouinard surmised that the human race has undergone many repeating cycles of technological development followed by self-destruction. "We've been moving over the centuries from civilization to barbarism and back to civilization again," he mused. However, he expressed hope that the human race will ultimately break this cycle and "go through a period of ascension." This breakthrough, he said, will see mankind "achieve our true birthright, which is mastery in the stars" and the spread of humanity throughout space. In light of that, he encouraged the people of Earth to "come together for greater terra" regardless of the hardships that may arise. Space Command In the first hour, writer Marc Zicree talked about his new project, a series of sci-fi films entitled Space Command. He was joined by Oscar and Emmy Award winner Doug Drexler as well as director Neil Johnson, who are working with him on the project. He detailed how the inspiration for Space Command comes from the science fiction films of the 1950's, with the goal of bringing back "the kind of hopeful vision of the future we had back then." Drexler marveled at the early success of Space Command's fundraising campaign and declared that "if the studios don't want to make it, we're going to make it, no matter what." As to the project's timetable, they hope to film the first movie in September and then spend the following year working on the elaborate post-production CGI effects. To that end, Zicree promised that "it will be as polished as a jewel by the time we're done."